Fundamentals Of Vipassana Meditation

Author By - Mahasi Sayadaw Gyi


Fundamentals Of Vipassana Meditation

Published Date - 2015

Buddha Date - 2559

Myanmar Date - 1377

AD Date - 2015

Author By - Mahasi Sayadaw Gyi

158 စာမျက်နှာ



The Venerable Mahasi Sayadawgyi had delivered a series of lectures on “Fundamentals of Vipassana Methods” at the Fan Yin Hall of Mahasi Yeiktha during water festivals of 1959(April). These lectures had been tape recorded, transcribed into book form and published in 1961 together with a number of Dhamma Aphorisms. Up to now twenty editions have been printed and published. The English rendering of the Myanmar text was made by the translator in the name of Maung Tha Noe and the First Editions was published in 1980, followed by the Second and Third Editions in 1992 and 1996 respectively.

Since all these English Editions are now out of print, we are pleased to publish another Edition which also includes a short biography of Mahasi Sayadawgyi as well as his last photograph taken one day before his passing away on 14th August 1982. We have also corrected some printing errors and omissions of the previous editions.

As the title of the text indicates: Mahasi Sayadawgyi explained the fundamentals of Vipassana meditation in a very clear and lucid manner. Those who are not acquainted with Vipassana meditation will find it very valuable to properly understand the fundamentals theoretically. If they wish to put into practice what they learn, this book will take them step by step as to how insight meditation is to be practised and if they follow these steps diligently they will gain various insights gradually culminating in relinquishing various mental defilements and realising Nibbana.


Dr.Tint Soe Lin


Buddha Sasana Nuggaha



Fundamentals Of Vipassana Meditation

This copy is Fourth Edition published in August 2015 in which the grammar, punctuations and spellings of English/ English Pali words were corrected during September 2018 for the next Edition.

(1) English words corrected by “ Microsoft Words” in computer by Ma Soe Soe on 7.9.2018 and checked by U Khin Maung Oo on 8.9.2018 and - -8.2018.

(2) Pali words re-checked by U Maung Maung Ko-- on 27.4.2019

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