Author By - Mahasi Sayadaw Gyi



Published Date - 2015

Buddha Date - 2559

Myanmar Date - 1377

AD Date - 2015

Author By - Mahasi Sayadaw Gyi

20 စာမျက်နှာ



Mahasi Sayadawgyi delivered relevant and useful Exhortations at the Annual Exhortations and Puja Ceremonies, every year held around full moon of Nattaw months (December/ January), and also at the Annual meeting of the Buddha Sasana Nuggaha Organization.

These Exhortations were usually published in the Annual Report of the Buddha Sasana Nuggaha Organization. The first Exhortation in this edition was delivered at the 23rd Annual ceremony held on 24th December 1972 and the second one at the 27th Annual meeting of the Buddha Sasana Nuggaha Organization held in 1975/ 1976.

The first dealt with the instructions given to the meditation instructors and senior administrators of the meditation centres, and the second dealt with the instructions for the members and leaders of the Buddha Sasana Nuggaha Organization to follow six virtues of a leader and four factors of the Sangaha DhammaThese two Exhortations are important guidelines for Buddha Sasana Nuggaha Organization and meditation centres. The first Exhortation was first published in Myanmar in 1973.

The first Exhortation was then translated into English by Ven.Sunanda and the second by Daw Mya Tin. The second Exhortation in English appeared in Mahasi Golden Jubilee Historical Record Book published in (probably) 1997/1998 in honour of the Golden Jubilee of the Buddha Sasana Nuggaha Organization, which fell on 13th November 1997.

These two Exhortations translated into English had not been published by Buddha Sasana Nuggaha Organization. However, Bikkhu Pesala edited the book and published as a New Edition in August 2013. We are pleased to publish this edition together with a short biography of Mahasi Sayadawgyi.


Dr.Tint Soe Lin


Buddha Sasana

Nuggaha Organization

August- 2015


This copy is First Edition published in August 2015 in which the grammar, punctuations and spellings of English words were corrected during March 2019 for the next Edition.

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