Saraniya Dhamma and Mahapaccavekkhana

Author By - Mahasi Sayadaw Gyi


Saraniya Dhamma and Mahapaccavekkhana

Published Date - 2015

Buddha Date - 2559

Myanmar Date - 1377

AD Date - 2015

Author By - Mahasi Sayadaw Gyi

106 စာမျက်နှာ



The Venerable Mahasi Sayadawgyi had delivered “Saraniya Dhamma and Mahapaccavekkhana” on 12th to 14th waxing of Tagu, 1341 B.E. (20th May 1952) at Mayantabin Quarter, of Kamayut Township, Yangon. These discourses were first published in Myanmar in June 1977, together with a discourse on “To Nibbana Via The Noble Eightfold Path” and a collection of Mahasi Dhamma Aphorisms. Upto now, this Myanmar edition has run into fifth edition.

In order for the foreign yogis and meditators to study, the Buddha Sasana Nuggaha Organization had entrusted these discourses in Myanmar to Sayagyi U Htin Fatt (Pen Name-Maung Htin) (1909-2006) to translate into English. The first English translated work was published in December 1980 comprising the above three Suttas, but not “Mahasi Dhamma Aphorisms”.

Sayagyi U Htin Fatt was one of the prominent English translators, who was requested to translate a number of Discourses of Mahasi Sayadawgyi, and one of his translated work was these three Suttas. He had completed the translation despite his ill health. However, he was hospitalized for removal of cataracts in both eyes in 1994, and was able to check his manuscripts only in 1998, that is, 18 years after publication of the first edition. He discovered that his translation had suffered form many printing errors. Fortunately, he had corrected these errors and made some revisions of certain paragraphs, all completed in April 1999.

The first Edition of English Book was out of print for sometimes and the Buddha Sasana Nuggaha Organization has now published it after 35 years as the Second Edition, incorporating the corrections made by late Sayagyi U Htin Fatt. The Buddha Sasana Nuggaha Organization take this opportunity to tender our hearfull thanks to Sayagyi U Htin Fatt who made these discourses available for the English reader.

To provide easy reading, we have taken out “Nibbana Via The Noble Eightfold Path” to be published separately and this Second English Edition includes only Saraniya Dhamma and Mahapaccavekkhana discourses only . In this editions, we included a photo of the Venerable Mahasi Sayadawgyi and a brief sketch of his biography as well. We had also corrected some printing errors and omissions of the First Edition.

An excellent introduction to these discourses was made by Bhaddanta Janakabhivaμsa of Yatanapon Sasana Yeiktha, Sein Ban Quarter, Mandalay, was included in the First Myanmar Edition. This introduction, unfortunately had not been translated into English by Sayagyi U Htin fatt. However, a short synopsis was prepared admirably by U Min Swe, the then Secretary of Buddha Sasana Nuggaha Organization and was included in the First English Edition.

Since the appropriate extracts of this introduction was again included in this Second Edition, we do not repeat anything about these discourses, and we conclude our remarks with our prayer for all living beings to be able to realise eternal peace of Nibbana by constant and diligent practice of Insight Meditation, and by practising Saraniya Dhamma and seven principles of Mahapaccavekkhana.


Dr. Tint Soe Lin


Buddha Sasana Nuggaha


August, 2015

Saraniya Dhamma and Mahapaccavekkhana

This copy is Second Edition published in August 2015 in which the grammar, punctuations and spellings of English/ English Pali words were corrected during October 2018 for the next Edition.

(1) English words corrected by “ Microsoft Words” in computer by Ma Soe Soe on 29.9.2018 and checked by U Khin Maung Oo on 3.10.2018 and - -8.2018.

(2) Pali words re-checked by U Maung Maung Ko-- on 19.7.2019

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